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My second favorite tv show EVER (just after Doctor Who of course)! Fringe was aired on FOX between 2008 and early 2013, with a total of 5 seasons.


An F.B.I. agent is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist and his son in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

My review

The universe of Fringe is really rich, and for lovers of science fiction, Fringe is a real treat! I’ll start by talking about the characters because it’s very simple I liked them all.

The characters

First, Olivia, played by Anna Torv. It is the main character, agent of the FBI, a little tomboy but she really cares about her family and friends. As part of her job and therefore her investigations, she will attend events that will prove to be at the limit of the possible. Beginning to stagnate, she will have to find help. His boss, Phillip Broyles, suggests that he visit a certain Walter Bishop.

Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, is also a main character. We discover him for the first time in a psychiatric hospital, when Olivia visits him. He has been there for 17 years and didn’t receive any visits. A mad scientist to whom we will focus a lot during the seasons.

Walter has this childish side that will make him so nice, but also a darker side…

In the 1970s, Walter worked for the US government with his friend William Bell. They were based in a secret laboratory, and they were trying to create weapons for the US military. But everything changes when his son Peter falls seriously ill.

His son, Peter Bishop, has not spoken to him for 17 years now. The death of his mother a few years ago will drive them away even further.

Peter, played by Joshua Jackson, lives from various scams in Baghdad. In the first episode, Olivia contacts him to visit Walter, because the rules of the hospital stipulate that she must be accompanied by one of him relatives. Peter accompanies Olivia after negotiating a single visit if Olivia turns a blind eye to his scams.

You can well imagine that Peter being one of the main characters, will not stay there.

We also find a lot of secondary characters, Charlie, Nina Sharp, Astrid, William Bell, Phillipe Broyles, Lincoln, …

Let’s come to the story of Fringe now.


Sciences and investigations


The first season, and especially the first episodes, are in the format: 1 episode = 1 investigation. The end of season 1 begins to reveal the main plot.

However, we discover from the first episodes, characters who will be the emblem of the series: The Observers. Intriguing from their first appearances, they will punctuate the entire series, and you will eventually know everything about them.

The other emblem of the series is: Massive Dynamic, Nina Sharp is at the head of this company – Research Laboratory, which appears suspicious very quickly. Indeed, many investigations will go back indirectly to Massive Dynamic, the Fringe division will start to be suspicious.

The company has a lot of things to hide, that’s for sure.

As the title of my article indicates, Fringe will later develop parallel universes. This is an element that characterizes the series and contributed to its success. Bringing additional wealth to this already very interesting universe!

This series, even if it has some flaws, was able to captivate me and make me hook.


I loved the characters, their relationships are just beautiful and touching. The story intrigued me throughout the 5 seasons. This is for me one of the best series ever!

So if you do not know Fringe yet, go for it, it’s really worth it and you will not regret it!

In addition to the different credits that the series offers (regardless of history, time), Fringe also has the luxury of offering some special episodes. Special mention to an episode where a whole scene took place in the form of comics. Original, well done and especially sticking perfectly to the theme of the episode!

In short, Fringe is a sci-fi series bringing its own mythology. Action, paranormal, investigations, parallel universes and a touch of humor. Walter, Peter, and Olivia are part of my favorite characters, all series combined. So it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend this series!


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