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In the early hours of a summer morning, a young woman steps into the path of an oncoming bus. A tragic accident? Or suicide?

At the center of this puzzle is Adrian Wolfe, a successful architect and grief-stricken widower, who, a year after his third wife’s death, begins to investigate the cause. As Adrian looks back on their brief but seemingly happy marriage, disturbing secrets begin to surface. The divorces from his two previous wives had been amicable, or so it seemed; his children, all five of them, were resilient as ever, or so he thought. But something, or someone, must have pushed Maya over the edge…


“Listen, Dad, in a family like this, the wife without a child is at the bottom of the heap. Everyone comes before them. Everyone.”

“Moving on is something that happens to you, not something you do. That’s what people don’t realize. Moving on is not proactive. It’s organic. Be kind to yourself.”


This is the first book of Lisa Jewell that I read, and although I did not hate it there are a lot of negative things I think.

First of all, the story is quite slow, really slow. I had a lot of trouble getting into the novel. I did not focus on the main character: Adrian. So I had a little trouble to have empathy for him. All the characters are bland, none really stand out.

In addition to being slow, the suspense is not huge. We are trying to understand why Maya died, a suicide? A murder? A simple accident? A stranger arrives in the story and arouses suspicion with the readers but also with the characters of the story, but nothing more really. Then emails are discovered, who is the author? who wanted to hurt Maya? …

In short, the game here is to guess who is behind these emails, nothing very crazy! A nice little clue game but that’s it.

The end and therefore the revelation did not surprise me at all and sincerely I remain on my hunger. I wanted something more twisted. No, here everything is simple. The moral of the story is even more so and is really disappointing.

I stop here my review since I have nothing more to say about this book. It’s not bad, but just too simple, classic for my taste. I’m looking for novels that surprise me and keep me in suspense, here it was not the case!



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