“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde // Book Review

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First Edition : 20 Juin 1890

–> This Edition :

Publisher : Pulp! The Classics

Release date : April 1st 2014

Pages : 256



Book Description (Pulp! The classics) :

Hey Girl . . . I’d sell my soul for you

Dorian Gray might be as pretty as a picture, but he’s paid a devilishly high price for it. He’ll stay drop-dead gorgeous, but there’s something nasty festering in the attic.

My review :

I was a big fan of the TV Show “Penny Dreadful”, and I admit that I didn’t really know the story of Dorian Gray, so I wanted to read this classic of literature since then and I am not disappointed by this reading.

Of course I knew the “big” story, I think everyone knows more or less the plot. But I liked to know more, to know where this famous painting came from, to know the different characters that revolve around this famous Dorian, and what made him become what he became. A cruel human being whose horrors are reflected on this famous painting.

The action takes place in England, in London more precisely, in the heart of the Victorian era, which I particularly like. Initially Dorian is nothing but a (very) narcissistic teenager who doesn’t want to grow old and wants to keep his beauty forever. After all, who doesn’t want to stay young forever? Dorian makes this vow quickly in the story, just a word in the void during a discussion. Yet, it is from this moment that his life will change, forever.

He quickly realizes that every bad action, feeling, speech will be reflected on the painting. He remains handsome and young, but his portrait will become more and more hideous.

We will discover a Dorian who will become so abject, and will no longer hesitate to commit crimes, brave taboos and build a very bad reputation.

I liked this novel, the idea of ​​Oscar Wilde is terribly original and beautifully written.

I can only advise you to read this classic of English literature, it was a really good read! This book caused a scandal at first, judged as indecent and immoral when it was released in his short version in 1890. However, it will be released as a book a year later, with a preface defending the rights of artists, authors , the right to publish the story of their choices, without having to face judgments.


My rating : /5





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2 thoughts on ““The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde // Book Review

  1. I totally agree with you. Oscar Wilde’s writing in this novel is perfect. It is almost as the book is the reflection of Dorian’s picture if you know what I mean, such a pleasure to read but extremely dark inside. And from my point of view, the Victorian era brings out this obscure side. This classic is one of my favourites, I wish I would have discovered it sooner… (and I’m still in love with your reviews in English!)

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