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A British series, a crazy aesthetic, a really exciting story, a dream cast and a really great soundtrack. Yes, just that!

Today I’m writing about one of my favorite tv shows: Peaky Blinders.

Description imdb

A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.



True Story or not ?


The gang of the Peaky Blinders really existed, they would have been mentioned for the first time in 1890, in a local newspaper of Birmingham, as a criminal group.

Why this name? Two hypotheses:

– Because, they sew razor blades under the visor of their caps, and used these caps when it was necessary to fight!

– In fact the term Peakys was a nickname that people gave to these famous caps very fashionable at the time!




And what about the tv show ?


The first thing that I want to mention is its visual: a crazy aesthetic, really successful. Each image, each scene, are really perfect and managed to give this particular atmosphere to Peaky Blinders.

Then comes the fact that the casting is simply excellent.

With Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, whom he interprets with passion, managing to perfectly appropriate this tortured character. Because yes Tommy Shelby remains deeply marked by his experience as a soldier during the war.

His arch-nemesis, Chester Campbell, is played by Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Tudors).

We also find in the cast: Annabelle Wallis, Helen McCrory, …

Another great thing about Peaky Blinders is its soundtrack. Season 1 featured mostly White Stripes titles, while Season 2 featured quite a few titles from PJ Harvey and Royal Blood.
Although totally anachronistic, they fit perfectly in the story, without disturbing.

Its a short format, 6 episodes of 1 hour per season. It allows you to concentrate on the essential, without accumulating too many lengths or unnecessary things!


Peaky Blinders


The first season was already very good. Even if it takes some time to remember the characters and all…

The themes of poverty, and the rise of communism, as well as the emergence of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), are well developed. Exciting themes, around a story that is just so perfect.

Regarding Season 2, I found it really superior to Season 1.
Peaky Blinders was able to lay its groundwork in the first season, each character was more or less deepened, and the gang story was properly introduced.

Season 2 brings a lot more tension, emotions, and introduces some new characters that only strengthen the quality of this series. Episode 1 was breathtaking, everything was under control. And the final episode was also really good.

I have stopped at season 3, I will have to catch up soon.

Action, romance, fraternity, on a historical background, that’s how I could summarize Peaky Blinders … If only it was so simple! (Not to mention a particularly pronounced accent haha I love it but as a french girl it’s sometimes hard to understand …)

-> An excellent series that I can only advise you to watch.





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