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I had the opportunity to taste cupcakes before arriving in the United States … and I hated that!
The top of the cupcake (frosting I think ?) gave me the sensation of eating “butter cream”, in the end, I found it really sickening.

But that was before discovering Dots Cupcakes!


So I wanted to try this pastry again when we arrived in Los Angeles.

The Dots Cupcakes shops (3 in Pasadena – at the moment) are small but beautifully decorated.
There is a fairly large selection of cupcakes. And the tastes change according to the days! To please everyone.

Flavors dots cupcakes

The prices are reasonable compared to other shops.
My favorites are Chocolate Mint, Fleur de Sel, Dulce de Leche, and Hazelnut Crunch. I prefer them in size “mini” !!!

But you must know, that different flavors are also offered throughout the year!

For example yesterday, I tasted a cupcake called “Macon”, you guessed it, pieces of Bacon are placed on top of the cupcake … I would have done better to not eat it … one bite was enough!
The taste of Bacon in a dessert, not for me !!!


If you are in Pasadena, do not hesitate to go there and discover this pretty shop!


dots cupcakes 6

dots cupcakes 5


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