“Brother” by Ania Ahlborn // Book Review

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Release date : September 29, 2015

Publisher : Gallery Books

Pages : 337


Book Description :

Deep in the heart of Appalachia stands a crooked farmhouse miles from any road. The Morrows keep to themselves, and it’s served them well so far. When girls go missing off the side of the highway, the cops don’t knock on their door. Which is a good thing, seeing as to what’s buried in the Morrows’ backyard.

But nineteen-year-old Michael Morrow isn’t like the rest of his family. He doesn’t take pleasure in the screams that echo through the trees. Michael pines for normalcy, and he’s sure that someday he’ll see the world beyond West Virginia. When he meets Alice, a pretty girl working at a record shop in the small nearby town of Dahlia, he’s immediately smitten. For a moment, he nearly forgets about the monster he’s become. But his brother, Rebel, is all too eager to remind Michael of his place…


My review :

I have always had a penchant for horror movies but also horror books. Until now I was not sure of the “horror style” I liked. After reading this novel, I am sure that it is not this one.

The story begins pretty strong, we are immersed directly in the atmosphere and if you can not appreciate the first chapters, it is clearly not worth continuing because it will not get better.

Here everything is creepy, unhealthy, disturbing, bloody, gore …

We will follow the Morrow family, a family well disturbed, psychopaths from mother to son, no character to catch the other. They are clearly all horrible to their ways. This kind of family that we imagine easily living in the depths of the campaign (I have nothing against the campaign eh, since I’m coming from them myself, but you see what I want to talk!), in the United States (or elsewhere), where consanguinity is not really surprising …

In short, their hobby: capture young girls, terrorize them, torture them, kill them …

Michael, the youngest of the two sons, do not kill them, no he is there to clean up the mess. He does not appreciate all the cries he hears at night, he is not especially fond of what his mother and brother do, but he says nothing, he doesn’t do anything. It’s simpler that way.

The story alternates between the present and the past, during Michael’s childhood. This will allow us to know a little more about him.

Some nice twists, which I often predict but still, and a good end are why I give 2,5/5 to this novel. I am sure it can please many, there is a lot of good reviews on Goodreads. But it is not for me…


My rating /5 :



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