“Blood Harvest” by S. J. Bolton // Book Review

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The Fletchers’ beautiful new house is everything they dreamed it would be. Built between two churches in Heptonclough, a small village on the moors that time forgot, it ought to be paradise for this young family of five, but they barely have a chance to settle in before they find that they’re anything but welcome. Someone seems to be trying to drive them away—at first with silly pranks but then with threats that become increasingly dangerous, especially to the oldest child, ten-year-old Tom Fletcher, who begins to believe that someone is always watching him.

The adults in Tom’s life are trying to help, including his parents; the vicar next door, younger and more dashing than you’d expect a vicar to be; and a therapist, Evi Oliver, who believes him more than she wants to. But there are other clues that something isn’t quite right in Heptonclough, including the mysterious accidental deaths of three toddlers over the last ten years. It is not until Tom’s siblings, two-year-old Milly and five-year-old Joe, go missing in turn that the little village’s evil secret turns the Fletchers’ dreams into a nightmare.


“First the whispers were in a dream. And then they weren’t.”


I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.


First I want to talk about the cover of this book because it is often what makes us want to read a book or not. Even if the summary is great, a beautiful cover immediately catches the eye. And here I find it particularly successful!

The story begins very well, we find ourselves in the middle of a cemetery in a small English town during the exhumation of the tomb of a little girl who died a few years ago. But, it is not one body that is found but three!

Then we go back to discover what happened.

A slightly dark and creepy atmosphere, children who hear voices, and see a little girl observing them… A young woman who has not yet mourned his little daughter who died in a house fire few years ago, a vicar recently arrived in the village, a village that seems suspicious from the start, with odd traditions. The atmosphere is laid, and I like it.

However, I found the story long… very long… I was pretty bored during my reading. Even if I wanted to always know more, I have not managed to completely immerse myself into the story, nor to attach myself to the characters. I did not appreciate the relationship between the vicar and the psychologist. It was a little weird from the beginning…

And I must admit that the end did not really satisfy me, I saw it coming, and I’m not extremely fan of all these revelations.

In short, a thriller that starts with a few touches of supernatural but ends in a rather traditional way. I can not say I liked or hated this book but I was a little disappointed.




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