A perfect day in Venice Beach // Los Angeles, California

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While my parents were on vacation with us, we went for a day in Venice Beach.

It was all gray, a thing quite rare in California, though it is frequent this year, but it was not cold at all, on the contrary!

We have therefore found with pleasure the excitement of Venice that we love so much. A special atmosphere that makes all the charm of this city. There were always so many people, the skaters were always there. And I discovered a small novelty (yes maybe it’s not so new, but it’s been a long time since I returned) scooters are for rent all over the boardwalk. Just download an application, and I guess you have to select the rental time that you want and pay! I have not tried it, but they were literally taken over on the boardwalk!

We did not go into the ocean, too cold for us! But then we did a tour on the Venice canals, a place that I love (I also chose to make it the cover of my travel guide “Los Angeles the essential”!) .

Unlike the beach, here it is soooo calm. A very serene, relaxing place, a real haven of peace! Who has a prize I guess, because the houses of this neighborhood must all WIDELY exceed one million $$$$!

Little tip that I had already mentioned in a previous article, but I prefer to repeat it here if you are new on the blog: we always park on the side of the canals of Venice. In the small streets of residential neighborhoods, it is free and very often there is no need for a parking permit. Just read the parking signs to avoid bad surprises aka very salty fines or worse: towed vehicles! But this avoids expensive parking near the beaches, and sincerely the channels are very close to the beach!

Finally, we went to Santa Monica, a walk on the 3rd Street Promenade was needed to conclude a day on the coast in perfect tourists ^^

This time there was not a lot of street artists, unlike the last times we came, shame.

So we end the day with a Coffee Bean: Matcha Latte, Black Forest, Mocha or Caramel Late! Yummy! We take advantage of a gray sky that allows us to breathe a little, we stroll along the shops. And it’s finally time to face the traffic jams to return at home: Pasadena … And that’s much less funny, but it’s the game when you live in Los Angeles county!

I leave you with some pictures that I took on Venice, the canals and Santa Monica!


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