3 days in Big Bear Lake // California

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We had visited Big Bear once a few years ago. At that time, our visit was very fast, we spent a night (freezing night) in a campground and only explored the northern part of the lake. That’s all ! And fortunately we went back, because we had stayed on a “meh” memory of this place, while finally there are many things to discover.


This time, no camping, we took an Airbnb (besides if you are not registered yet, I can sponsor you so do not hesitate to use this link: here)! We quickly decided on a pretty cabin that seemed lost in the woods! In truth, it is not lost at all, because there are a lot of cottages everywhere, but sincerely once in it, it feels really isolated!

If you look at this picture, you can see it at the top, hidden behind the trees!

There was a large terrace, a jacuzzi, a barbecue, a kitchen and 2 bedrooms including a mezzanine (beware if you have vertigo, you had to borrow a ladder to access)!


Here are some pictures taken just before leaving, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interests in it (I do not gain anything if you book it ^^):

We headed first to Big Bear Village. A pretty street with shops: souvenirs, clothes, ice cream, but also some restaurants and bars!

Big Bear Village


You will quickly realize that the atmosphere is quite rock’n’roll: whether by the population, the music in the street or the big concert room oriented Hard Rock & Metal! We are far from “bobo/rich” ski resorts!

We stopped in a small craft shop, inspired “Indian tribe” / cowboy / rock (hard to define). It immediately put us in the mood. As for the souvenir shops, the salesgirls will jump on you as soon as you enter, do not be surprised!

I had previously spotted (thank you Yelp) a small shop near the main street called “Mountain Witch Tea Company” where you can buy as the name suggests tea, but also honey and other treats!

-> info: Mountain Witch Tea Company – 40641 Big Bear Blvd

We, of course, fell for two small jars of honey, a basic one with wild flowers and the other one was blackberry: a delight!

In the evening, we head for our little cabin in the woods. On the program: barbecue (grill and corncob : yum), then quiet evening before starting a new day!

The next day (Sunday), we decide to go to a place where apparently it is possible to look for gold. Tourist catcher: it’s expensive, very small, no thank you! But I still took some pictures, because we must admit the “gold diggers” in the US it’s quiet typical!


Antiques !

Next door there was a house with noted “antiques” on the facade, so we headed to this house and were clearly not disappointed! We discovered not only a house filled with antiques of all kinds but also a real small flea market in the open air!

It was really well organized, I loved the atmosphere of this place that we discovered completely by chance!

–> info: Big Bear Thrift and Treasure House – 40074 Big Bear Blvd 



A lot of fun!

Then we decided to go for a ride on the summer slide (minimum age required: 2 years), the price was $6 cash per person.

It’s always fun, especially if you are with friends or family!

In winter, I’m sure the place is a thousand times more fun, we may be testing iy in a few months!

–> Info : Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain – 800 Wildrose Ln




Our day ended quietly in the jacuzzi, well deserved! We enjoy a relaxing family time. Ice creams, beers, then barbecue (again yes!) And hot chocolate before falling asleep in our cozy cottage!

It’s time for a short hike!

The next day we decided to take a short hike (we are not really sportsmen, and for several reasons, we did not want to embark on a big hike). So we chose the “Castle Rock Trail”, a simple trip allowing us to admire a beautiful view of the lake, which we didn’t see much during this weekend!

The hike goes up a lot, but it’s quite easy/moderate (if you have a baby, a baby carrier is required.) Our son, Charlie, is 18 months old and we borrowed a special baby carrier to a friend and it was great!

Once at the top, you can actually see a beautiful view of the lake, hidden among the trees. Moreover, the water level of the lake is quite low compared to a few years ago, it’s weird at first!

That way our weekend in the mountains ends. We were lucky to have a beautiful weather during these 3 days, although it was sometimes cool, we were able to enjoy all the things that Big Bear has to offer!

(There are a lot of hikes to do in the area if you are amateurs!)

I leave you with some pictures to end this post! Feel free to leave me a comment below ^^





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